Friday, October 17, 2014

What I have learned so far..

- I like cooking for 70 people.
- I run a sweet kitchen
- My friends are pretty awesome in the kitchen
- My Mom is awesome

I was given the opportunity to Feastocrat Summer's end.  I opted for a Polish menu.

DINNER MENU (subject to change, but I doubt it)
1st remove:
Bread and butters
Salad with dressing
Baked Chicken over Prunes (Trust me on this - there are onions, cabbage, prunes and spices galore!)
2nd remove
Fresh Kielbasa
Cheese Pierogi
Cucumbers in Sour Cream
Meat Pie (beef/pork/bacon)
Honey Carrots
Heraldry Cakes with Fresh Sylvan Berries

And from what I heard as I wandered around, it was good.  Mom and I made close to 300 Cheese Pierogi.  The sad thing is I didn't any pictures of the dessert.  I made banners to go into each of the cakes with the Canton, Barony, Kingdom and past Baronials herladry in them.  I almost made the Baroness cry.  Mission Accomplished. 

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