Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Next time I say I want to do the Pent, someone tell me NO

Its 3 days before Ice Dragon.  All my entries are "done" with the exception of the Documentation.  4 items, one doubles.

What was I thinking.

I will post them AFTER Saturday.

I doubt I will win any categories or any of the prizes but it was fun.

Some lessons learned that I can share now.

1) Its possible to do everything in like a month.
2) Never trust the recipe.
3) Saffron dyes everything yellow.

Friday, January 22, 2016

Planning and Prep

I got it in my head that I could enter the Ice Dragon Pent.  Now that my Retainer days are done (well mostly), I can focus on other things.  Like art and stuff.

I am reading a book - "The Good Wife's Guide" ..  basically a how to guide for a very young bride.   Here is my basic plan.. the items for the Pent will be based on the book..
1) Things she would have used
2) things she could have made herself based on direction from the book

It's late 14th century so I have options.  Fabric is ordered.  Image is a maybe.. and recipes are iffy.  I have a theme and I may just run with it.

Now for Documentation..  ah crap.

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

and that happened

Look! I'm at an event!! Shocker!!  Naw.. it's a issue of life and stuff.  Hobby comes after everything so these moments are few and far between.  But Champs was good.  Worked hard, retained,  peeled potatoes and managed to do all the feast dishes (with assistance from another washer and 2 dryers) in 25 minutes to beat our "YOU MUST BE OUT OF THE BUILDING" time of 9pm.  I am at home in the kitchen and thank heavens I know the cooks for this one otherwise it would have been horrible.  

and I am catching up on scribal stuff.  From the 13 backlogs i have, 4 are done.  2 were wording that is out.  So not much more to go.  


Yes!!!  I have a tent and the girls have a tent.  And they have sleeping bags and mattresses..  All i need to do some class stuff and make garb for the niece.  I CAN DO THIS!!!

Monday, March 23, 2015

The Ice Dragon has left the building

Another year has passed and Ice Dragon is done.  I didn't enter anything this year as I had no time between work and life but I ran around (sick) and retained.  A few of my scrolls went out in court and I had a chance to Court Herald as well (yes, yes, keep the scroll down, i know, i know).

Fencing Tourney

Heavy Tourney

Category Scroll

Venerable Order of the Ice Dragon 
This one I am very honored to have done - Bovi is a dear friend and I am honored to have worked with him in my Kitchen and his.  

Now that its over, I can focus on the Back Log of scroll and get them done. I have a few and I need to assign several as well. 

On a side note, it amazes me how people act when presented with conflict.  The idea of Peer-like behavior was asked of me by another who is belted and I really didn't know what to say. Over the years I have seen various forms of "Peer" behavior from Lewd and vulgar acts, tantrums, bragging and more tantrums.  I turns my stomach.  Then I see a few who really shine and I aspire to be like.  Humble, teachers, assisting when not asked, doing what they have always done, looking to elevate those around them and not themselves.  Some of these people are not in the Orders at all and probably should be.  Sigh..  I need to remind myself this is a Hobby.  But like all hobbies with large groups of people, its a reflection on life.  Who do I choose to be with?  What do I choose to do?  
For now, I need to step back and offer support and think about my path.   And take a nap.  

Saturday, March 14, 2015

The push

Ice Dragon is next weekend and I am on the road this week.  So that means I of course have a scroll to do.  I can totally get it done today but I won't.  This one if for the Heavy Weapons tourney.  I like it so far.  Dragon needs shading yet.  He was a free hand based on an image from Pintrest.  I need to trust my free hand more.

Monday, December 8, 2014

Masked Ball

This weekend was Masked Ball.  A small simple affair and I had a wonderful time.  I entered last min my personal scroll from Champs and I won!!! 
And to boot, I had made new garb from some fabric I found at AmVets for $8.  Each were wool blends and easy to work with.  All in all a wonderful day.
The story of the Wawel Dragon

Addressing the populace on what my entry was

Me retaining.  Always the best view.

Friday, October 17, 2014

Amusing tower of dough

I just found this amusing. I needed to make bread for Lunch and Dinner.  So I had 5 of these going for Lunch then made another round of bread for dinner.    The little cakes were dessert.  The bowl... the rejects.

The pan I used was a Nordic Bundt pan - mini wedding cakes.  Great idea..  horrible time getting them out.

But I do love my tower of bread dough.

Pennsic Recap

I taught 2 classes, took 1 class.  Did the A&S display again and realized I wore the same outfit. Made it in the Pennsic Independent.  Managed to stay dry.  Overall, a good year.
me and the kid

Again, Us and my new Circlet

Little glasses of Kool-aid.  She is suspicous

Opening ceremonies

Arts and Sciences Display


the kids entertaining themselves

pre-superhero party

my darling herald!!

Medieval Superheros: my kiddo is "Captain New World" ... get it?  Like Capt. America?  New World?  In Viking Garb?  Totally the best idea

A bee in my bonnet. Literally. It was cold that night and it flew in a panic and landed on my coif.  Then it relaxed..  

BatWoman and Darkwing duck Medieval style

our 7 pearls dinner

Learning when to take a break

For the next few months I'm taking a break.. well, focusing my attentions elsewhere.  We have a backlog of scrolls that need to be tackled and since I'm in charge, and winter is coming.. that is my baby.  No new assignments till the new year.  Backlog only.  

And I really want to focus on my sewing.  I have fabric, but no time to do anything with it.  The girl picked out some lovely turquoise and wants tunics.  And I have blue for my Mom who is going to an event this spring.  So I want to make her a tunic..  

Oh the dilemma.. But I will be posting those lovely creations as soon as I get to them.  I have some SECRET creations underway was well. I am fortunate to be involved in an artisan exchange this winter.  Its all planned out, materials are all prepped..  Now I just have to do it.  I did start!! So its looking good.  I can't wait to send them out!!

What I have learned so far..

- I like cooking for 70 people.
- I run a sweet kitchen
- My friends are pretty awesome in the kitchen
- My Mom is awesome

I was given the opportunity to Feastocrat Summer's end.  I opted for a Polish menu.

DINNER MENU (subject to change, but I doubt it)
1st remove:
Bread and butters
Salad with dressing
Baked Chicken over Prunes (Trust me on this - there are onions, cabbage, prunes and spices galore!)
2nd remove
Fresh Kielbasa
Cheese Pierogi
Cucumbers in Sour Cream
Meat Pie (beef/pork/bacon)
Honey Carrots
Heraldry Cakes with Fresh Sylvan Berries

And from what I heard as I wandered around, it was good.  Mom and I made close to 300 Cheese Pierogi.  The sad thing is I didn't any pictures of the dessert.  I made banners to go into each of the cakes with the Canton, Barony, Kingdom and past Baronials herladry in them.  I almost made the Baroness cry.  Mission Accomplished.