Tuesday, April 23, 2013

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O hear these words
        how excellent is thy name in all these Sylvan lands!
who hast set thy skills for all the populace.

Out of the mouths of friends        
and because of thine enemies,
that thou mightest still the enemy and the avenger

When We consider thy deeds, the work of thy fingers,
        cloth and needle, which thou hast ordained;

what is woman, that thou art mindful of her?
        and how should she be recognized?

For that hast made her worthy of notice
and We Khalek and Bronwyn Awarded Arlee the Assassin Arms.

Thou shall be known as Lady and be call that
        with all rights and privileges of that title.

For you stand as an example for all of AEthelemearc

by thou passion for dance,  skill with blade and love of land.

Done by our Hands this 2nd of March AS 47 in the Shire of Port Oasis at the Tournament of the White Hart

Scroll/words by Pani Zofia Kolawalewska
based on the Florian Psalter
commissioned by Queen Jadwiga of Poland in the 1370 and crated by the  Wawel Castle scriptorium in Poland
originally written in Polish, Latin and German

Words based on Pslam 8

We Khalek, Khan and Branwyn ,Khatun of glorious AEthelmearc, see how our Realm has greatly benefited from the service of Pan Henryk Bogusz.  Your tireless efforts over the years serving  as Hospitaller and rapier marshal of Angel's Keep has not gone unnoticed. For when help is needed, you answer that call. Many hands make light work.    Most importantly, you have kept safe our precious Queen from foe and danger as she travels through the lands.
For such dedication to these Sylvan lands we name you newest member of the Order of the Keystone with all rights and privileges to wear the badge of the Order.

Given by Our Hands this 15th day of September AS 47 at the Coronation of Khalek and Branwyn in the Barony of the Endless Hills.
Scroll/words by Pani Zofia Kolawalewska

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