Sunday, September 15, 2013

THL.. WTH!!!???

Summer's End is one of my  favorite events.  Its smaller, and local.  Weather usually pulls in our favor.  It was my first real baronial event.

And yesterday, I was inducted into the Order of the Millrind.  A Grant level Service order.

I'm a bit floored by it all as i didn't expect to get this for a couple more years.  Really.  Mistress Gillian gave me her Millrind pin. And I was carried away to the back of the court by my loving friends..

I serve the Kingdom and Barony not because I have to..  because that is what i do.  I clear tables, I make sure people have what they need.  I do dishes, set up and tear down.  When we have an event, we are welcoming them into Our home.  I am Retainer for Their Excellencies... Its my joy to have our guests and family taken care while they are here.  I get a Marta Stewerty during the events.

Sunday, September 8, 2013

Silver Sycamore Sarafina

Silver Sycamore Sarafina by melblackrose
Silver Sycamore Sarafina, a photo by melblackrose on Flickr.
Pay heed to this missive of splendid artistry! As an inspiration to even the most seasoned artists, Sarafina Kowalewska has offered her talent as a scribe to both Kingdom and Barony. Age does not limit her love of the arts. Fear to try new styles or mediums know no place in her heart.

It is Our wish she shall receive all honors and privileges conveyed by this rank as the newest member of the Order of the Silver Sycamore in hope she will inspire others with her skill, joy and smile.
We, Andreas and Kallista so proclaim this 8th day of September at Summer’s End in the Canton of Beau Fleuve

Scroll by Pani Zofia Kowalewska

Paper: Vellum
Pigment: Natural Pigments
Ink: Higgins Black India Ink

AOA Elrich of the Debatable Lands

Most loyal populace, We Marynard and Liadain, Rex et Regina of this Glorious Sylvan AEthelmeac call forth Elrich of the Debateable Lands to stand before all. He quietly works at the hearth, smyting many a root so all would not go hungry. The devil does not find idle hands as they are busy setting up tents, setting up ranges and targets. And during the Great Pennsic War, laughter and folly could be found as he entertained the children of camp, brightening their day and those around.

We are minded this day to Award him Arms as a sign of his great worth. He shall receive all honors and privileges conveyed by this rank

In testimony whereof We have set Our hands this 24th day of August, Anno Societatis 47, being 2013 in the common reckoning of years at the Seige of Harlach Castle in the Barony Marche of the Debatable Lands.

scroll by Zofia Kowalewska

Paper: Pergamenta
Ink: Higgins Black and Dr Ph Martin Red, Green and Blue

AOA - Puzzle Initial

HelenaLyncolnAOA by melblackrose
HelenaLyncolnAOA, a photo by melblackrose on Flickr.
Words and Calligraphy by me

Maynard, by right of arms, King of AEthelmearc and Liadain, Our wise and beautiful Queen, send greetings to all nobles and gentle persons unto whom these presents come. Well pleased are We by the service that Our subject, Helena Lyncoln, hath rendered unto Our realm, most especially that of her loving and heartfelt service at Harvest Raid for many years, and deem it fit to Award her Arms. She shall henceforth have the sole and exclusive right to bear Quarterly gules and azure, four griffins argent. In witness thereof We set Our hands this 20 day of April, A.S.47 in the Shire of Heronter at the Coronation of Maynard and Liadain

paper: Arches 140lb hot press
Ink: Dr Ph Martin black and Red

Wording , no image.. its gone.. booo

I lost an entire thumb drive of images.. but I have the wording.  Here's one I got really creative with.

Many a range has been devised by your hands
In battle your bow has protected these lands
Legends tell of your triumphs, your wit and your love
Lending a hand and even a glove
Resound all, Francois Belgraunde The Bladegatherer
In service to AEthelmearc you sure are a humzinger
Newest Companion to the Millrind you so are named

Done this July 10 AS 45, Let it be Proclaimed.
We, Malcom and Tessa, King and Queen of AEthlemearc,do so declare this by our hands.

It spells MILLRIND on the first letters.

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Happy 6 years to me!!

VOID Final Scroll by melblackrose
VOID Final Scroll, a photo by melblackrose on Flickr.
I went digging through my old posts. I did my first Kingdom scroll in July of 2008. I've been doing Kingdom Assignments for 5 years. My first scroll ever went out in Dec of 2007. I haven't been at this very long have I.  This scroll is my first.  My Mama did the words/calligraphy.

this number always make me giggle when it happens

Candied Ginger

So I'm in charge of an all day sideboard for our upcoming Crown Tournament.

One thing I do plan on doing is entering the A&S competition but the theme changed.  To Courtly Love.

I need to tie in Courtly Love and candied ginger....

I plan on making it this week as a trial.  Posts to follow on how well it goes.

Keystone and my favorite

scakeystoneas4611412 by melblackrose
scakeystoneas4611412, a photo by melblackrose on Flickr.

A Viking Keystone

scan0002 by melblackrose
scan0002, a photo by melblackrose on Flickr.

Caleb's Huntman

calebhu by melblackrose
calebhu, a photo by melblackrose on Flickr.

Golden Alce - Darian

alcesummer by melblackrose
alcesummer, a photo by melblackrose on Flickr.

On this glorious 8th of September Anno Societatis 47,  We, Andreas, King of Aethelmearc and Kallista, beautiful and wise Queen, proclaim to all present that  Darian of the Rhydderich Hael is a deserving warrior.   He has served as heavy weapons champion and bested much bigger and practiced fighters at the 7 Pearls Tournament at War Practice this year. Because of this exceptional skill and desire to encourage others to be their best, it is Our wish to induct him into the most noble Order of the Golden Alce at Summer’s End in the Canton of Beau Fleuve.

Scroll by Pani Zofia Kowalewska

Isabetta's Golden Bee

id2012 by melblackrose
id2012, a photo by melblackrose on Flickr.


beejoe by melblackrose

beejoe, a photo by melblackrose on Flickr.

Let it be known unto all to whom these present letters come that We, Carolus and Isloda, Baron and Baroness of the Rhydderich have seen and used many of the wonderful works of Maestro Augusto Giuseppe da San Donato.  For his hands are never idle, his skill in Woodwork and Metal crafting has not only given the Barony useful items, but beauty as well.  

It is Our wish he shall receive all honors and privileges conveyed by this rank as the newest member of the Order of the Golden Bee.

In testimony whereof We have set Our hands this 8th day of September, Anno Societatis 47, at this Summer’s End in the Canton of Beau Fleuve

Scroll/words by Pani Zofia Kolawalewska

Persian AOA

aoapersian by melblackrose
In the presence of these witnesses who will bear true testimony, We,
Andreas, King by Right of Arms and Kallista, Queen of Beauty and
Mercy, decree that Sumayya al Ghaziyah, by virtue of her prowess of
armored combat and her service as Iron Key for the Debatable Lands, We
find her deeds and skills worthy in Our eyes and so are moved to Award
her Arms and charge all who hear of these words to call her, from this
day forward, Lady Sumayya. Knowing that these words are valid by law
and edict, they shall be recorded by Our Heralds so as to never be
forgotten. Done by Our Hand this 26th day of May, in the Barony Marche
of the Debatable Lands.

Words by Baron Caleb Reynolds
Scroll by Zofia Kowalewska

aoapersian, a photo by melblackrose on Flickr.

Class Listing

I posted a new page - Classes.  Its the handouts to my 3 classes.  It will take you to a new website I'm trying out for a more Portfolio look, not a blog.  It will be a repeat of what's here.. different look, same stuff.

So if you want to see my class handouts, click on CLASSES above.