Sunday, September 15, 2013

THL.. WTH!!!???

Summer's End is one of my  favorite events.  Its smaller, and local.  Weather usually pulls in our favor.  It was my first real baronial event.

And yesterday, I was inducted into the Order of the Millrind.  A Grant level Service order.

I'm a bit floored by it all as i didn't expect to get this for a couple more years.  Really.  Mistress Gillian gave me her Millrind pin. And I was carried away to the back of the court by my loving friends..

I serve the Kingdom and Barony not because I have to..  because that is what i do.  I clear tables, I make sure people have what they need.  I do dishes, set up and tear down.  When we have an event, we are welcoming them into Our home.  I am Retainer for Their Excellencies... Its my joy to have our guests and family taken care while they are here.  I get a Marta Stewerty during the events.

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