When one can no longer do, one teaches..  naw... 
I just sometimes like to hear myself talk so I teach.  Since I have opportunities to have large groups of people together who WANT To learn about what I do, I might as well do it.  

Feel free to download the class handouts.

Learn the structure of how to create Scroll Wording and where to find inspiration! We will go through the needed items and how to make the text stand out. NO PRIOR SCRIBAL OR BARDIC EXPERIENCE NEEDED.

Ink-only scrolls are something to behold. Painting isn't necessary when you have ink. We'll discuss the use of puzzle initials, cadels, and drawing in only in scrolls, their rich history and WHY we can use them today. 

Redacting Scrolls. One out of many
Did you ever look at a manuscript and say “there is no way I could do all of that!!”?  

You don’t have to.  The manuscript exemplars are just that.  Examples.  Many of the beautiful works are complex and have many different elements in them.   We can take one page apart and find a more simple border or use just the capital letter Illumination to create your own based on that style of illumination.  

The Humble Pierogi

Basic Scroll Wording

Calligraphy 101
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