When one can no longer do, one teaches..  naw... 
I just sometimes like to hear myself talk so I teach.  Since I have opportunities to have large groups of people together who WANT To learn about what I do, I might as well do it.  

I have taught 4 classes and I'm working on a few more.   

Feel free to download the class handouts.  

SCA, Scrolls, Images
How to incorporate Eastern Fonts into your Scroll

SCA, Calligraphy
Afraid to try Calligraphy?  Do you think your handwriting is too bad?  WELL DON’T!!  Anyone can do this.  Today, we’ll learn about what is acceptable in pens, inks and papers for AEthelmearc award scrolls. You will put Pen to Paper to have hands on practice to learn basic calligraphic strokes and the steps in forming letters.  No specific hand will be taught BUT we’ll try a few.

SCA, Scribal
Did you ever wonder what the difference was between papers? And ink? and why are there so many pens types? And what is with the different hands? Is that an S or an F? And why scribes do some of the things that we do? Now is your chance to ask those questions and get the answers you have been looking for. Class is open to anyone - especially Heralds and new Heralds.

Scroll Working 101
coming soon.
 with Lady Beatrice de Winter and Pani Zofia Kowalewska

Want to take the leap into wording your scrolls?  Are you poetic and want to lend a hand to your local scribal guild in providing wording?  We'll take you through the basic steps for wording - what is required, what isn't and how to make it pretty!   No prior experience in the Scribal Arts needed.  
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