Sunday, August 12, 2012

A&S Display Pennsic 41

I was fortunate enough to have a spot at the A&S Display this year representing AEthelmearc.  I had a wonderful time.  And I was very lucky to meet some wonderful people.  Several Peers, a Queen and  many of the populace.

One comment I kept receiving was  WOW...  I don't think my stuff is WOW.. its not bad.  But many said "exquisite" and "beautiful".  I am flattered and honored to represent my Kingdom and my Barony.  HAEL YEAH!!

Home from War

I am home from the Great Pennsic War 41.  And I did some things I never thought I would.
1) I talked to a Queen
2) I taught 10 people
3) I court heralded.
4) I took a class
5) I learned a new skill

I am exhausted.  Pictures to come as soon as I find the cord for the camera.