Wednesday, September 4, 2013


beejoe by melblackrose

beejoe, a photo by melblackrose on Flickr.

Let it be known unto all to whom these present letters come that We, Carolus and Isloda, Baron and Baroness of the Rhydderich have seen and used many of the wonderful works of Maestro Augusto Giuseppe da San Donato.  For his hands are never idle, his skill in Woodwork and Metal crafting has not only given the Barony useful items, but beauty as well.  

It is Our wish he shall receive all honors and privileges conveyed by this rank as the newest member of the Order of the Golden Bee.

In testimony whereof We have set Our hands this 8th day of September, Anno Societatis 47, at this Summer’s End in the Canton of Beau Fleuve

Scroll/words by Pani Zofia Kolawalewska
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