Friday, October 17, 2014

Pennsic Recap

I taught 2 classes, took 1 class.  Did the A&S display again and realized I wore the same outfit. Made it in the Pennsic Independent.  Managed to stay dry.  Overall, a good year.
me and the kid

Again, Us and my new Circlet

Little glasses of Kool-aid.  She is suspicous

Opening ceremonies

Arts and Sciences Display


the kids entertaining themselves

pre-superhero party

my darling herald!!

Medieval Superheros: my kiddo is "Captain New World" ... get it?  Like Capt. America?  New World?  In Viking Garb?  Totally the best idea

A bee in my bonnet. Literally. It was cold that night and it flew in a panic and landed on my coif.  Then it relaxed..  

BatWoman and Darkwing duck Medieval style

our 7 pearls dinner

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