Wednesday, June 3, 2015

and that happened

Look! I'm at an event!! Shocker!!  Naw.. it's a issue of life and stuff.  Hobby comes after everything so these moments are few and far between.  But Champs was good.  Worked hard, retained,  peeled potatoes and managed to do all the feast dishes (with assistance from another washer and 2 dryers) in 25 minutes to beat our "YOU MUST BE OUT OF THE BUILDING" time of 9pm.  I am at home in the kitchen and thank heavens I know the cooks for this one otherwise it would have been horrible.  

and I am catching up on scribal stuff.  From the 13 backlogs i have, 4 are done.  2 were wording that is out.  So not much more to go.  


Yes!!!  I have a tent and the girls have a tent.  And they have sleeping bags and mattresses..  All i need to do some class stuff and make garb for the niece.  I CAN DO THIS!!!

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