Monday, August 8, 2011

its a Hobby....

I need to keep reminding some people that this thing we do is a hobby. For a lot, its more.  But for the rest of us, its a HOBBY.  I get to sew, embroider, paint, throw axes, cook, drink, camp and listen to a lot of "No shit!! I was there!" stories from the field.

I do this because I want to.  When it stops being fun, I don't want to do it.  So with that, I will Serve when I want to, not because I have to.  I will paint when my hand allows.  I will sit and watch the Tournaments and cheer on the Hael.  I will skip an event because the house needs attention. I will learn a new skill and see what I can do with it.   I will not be told what to do.

There are times when you need to step back for a few and let the dust settle.  I am burnt out.  And yet I have a bunch of little projects I would love to be able to sit down  and finish!!!  So I now declare, I will follow in the steps of my Mistress and RELAX!!   She is the wisest bird I know and trust her.  She has taught me to trust myself and its okay to say no.
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